"Sony is still the biggest sponsor of dpreview I see.". With the tracking, you're focusing-while-recomposing. It's not like you can't take more shots as the buffer clears. Again, very different strategies! They can then foster those APS-C users into more advanced APS-C cameras and lenses. I have 2 of them, I used to really love them but now I find them so boring I rarely bring them out. Give it a watch, then try it yourself! People that hate video should be able to completely disable entire sections so that they do not show up in the menu. Yes the AF/MF button overrides whatever your lens switch is set to. And I'm talking about usability, not fancy wallpapers and such: I replace default keyboard, change soft keys etc. lets warn all the 12 year old girls out there of fujis selfie defect ! Wir haben die Kamera mit der APS-C-Konkurrenz bereits Anfang 2019 verglichen. As a current a6x00 fan, I have a6000, a6300 (bought for my son), and a6500. The A6400 is indeed a very good camera by it's class. Thanks..!!!Al. Sony A6400 Review Real world images from the Sony A6400: The Sony A6400 (See on Amazon) is Sony's first aps-c camera in over two years. Sure, the 'A6700,' but no mention by Sony of any new APS-C lenses, which we badly need. (Image credit: Tom's Guide) Who is the camera for? Nachdem ich die Sony A6400 seit fast einem Jahr als Hauptkamera nutze, wird es mal Zeit für ein Review. The user experience of some cameras is a bit like having tinnitus, in that respect. As for me, I couldn't care less about tracking AF. The other day I try doing a home video, a birthday cake celebration, with all family in picture... everything was set... when I look at the footage, I don't know why, but the camera lock focus on a wall behind us... everything was out of focus...everyone got frustrated :(. Find out in our initial review. if no need 4k, no need sport shootingi bet stills IQ almost same as A6000, You loose about 1/3 of light through the mirror and the bsi sensors are a bit better at high iso anyway. I use custom Fn settings and reassign buttons too, and "My Menu" for the items that I sometimes use but not enough to put in Fn, and also for the items that are impossible to put in Fn, such as compressed/uncompressed raw. All about tech, not IQ. Baut Fuji die beste spiegellose APS-C-Kamera. By Fotoinfo Magazine. sony_a6400_sel18135_web.jpg. Google+. Sonys apsc line is all about compactness for now, maybe it will change in the near future. bigger or full-resolution. If they truly addressed the battery issue in the A6400, this would be a great camera to buy if you aren't into "full frame". I've tried every trick to fix it but nothing works. See price on Amazon. That more than makes up for a slightly smaller sensor and makes it better for video. Unfortunately though tracking AF can't compete with the A6400. Reviews : Sony A6400. This does not sound like a “quantum leap”. How can you still not find some comfortable familiarity with the controls? Ocean Beach Pier. It has a durable, but small body, with good ergonomics for the most part. If I wanted to have a 3:2 format crop sensor camera I would have to go with Fuji. How to set up autofocus on Sony a6100, a6400, a6600, a7C, a7R IV, a9, a9 II, RX100 VII, and ZV-1, DPReview TV: Mid-Range APS-C Mirrorless Shootout (Canon M6 Mk II, Sony a6400, Nikon Z50, Fuji X-T30), DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-T30 vs Sony a6400. Both Sony A6400 and Sony A6000 cameras have 24.0MP APS-C sensors. Sure, the Fuji smartphone camera remote app is great. Back button focus. and unlike the crippled Fuji X30, it has an indispensable selfie LCD to shoot video... great Sony. ), but passed on the 16mm behemoth. It would have saved everybody the time to read through the rest of your nonsense and statements such as: " (I) have a hard time seeing who these Sony E mount cameras appeal to" and "I couldn't care less about tracking AF", etc.etc. Sigma's 35mm F2 DG DN designed specifically for mirrorless cameras is a compact, well-built lens that produces lovely images. Two other rivals come from Sony itself: the recent A6400 lacks the stabilisation, long battery and headphone jack, but is otherwise almost identical and costs a considerable $500 less, while the arguably more compelling full-frame A7 III could end up working out a similar price depending on the lenses you couple them with. Sony's a6400 has an awful lot of refinements on the inside - take a look. It requires diligent pixel peeping. Sony Alpha A6400 review Meet Sony's all-new mid-range mirrorless camera By Phil Hall 04 February 2019. The kit zooms are the bottom of the barrel, compared to kit zooms form Fuji, Panasonic and Olympus. Alternativ lässt sich das Messfeld über das Steuerkreuz verschieben, wobei die Funktion erst etwas umständlich aktiviert werden muss, da zunächst andere Einstellungen auf dem Kreuz liegen (Serienbilder, ISO, Belichtungskorrektur, Display). Buy the a6400 at http://sdp.io/a6400 or WIN IT at http://freesdp.com We do an early review of the Sony a6400, about $900 for the body or $1,000 for the kit. Both are perfectly good kit zooms. In meinem Sony A6400 Test zeige ich dir alle Highlights & Features und gehe auf die Stärken & Schwächen der Alpha 6400 ein. In this video, Chris shows us how to set up this very useful feature. Find out all the details on how the a6400 performs in our full review. And would a full frame lens be okay? After all, camera companies don't *just* make money from selling cameras. Alternative would be a cage with external screen or view ona an app on a smartphone, but this is so much easier in real life. Sensors is early dSLRs were extremely expensive requiring cost cutting to make the cameras affordable.] Sony had often been criticized for being "an electronics company" rather than "a photography company". This is very different behavior from that of the a7III/a7RIII with firmware 3.0. And maybe the 16-70, a lens plagued with sample variance issues.Why should Sony waste resources developing new APSC lenses when Sigma and others are doing it for them?Sony prefers to offer new FE lenses so an upgrade path to A7 & A9 bodies is clear for A6xxx owners. Our Verdict. Any recommendations? the results are not that crispy when zooming to the max to catch that bird under tree shades. Sony A6400 review. EASA recently passed a uniform set of rules for commercial and hobbyist drone pilots. Ich habe mich noch nie mit dieser Linie von Sony auseinander gesetzt, aber die A6400 passte wegen der Größe und dem neuen Autofokus in mein Beuteschema. The Sony A6400 is a new mirrorless camera with an APS-C size sensor and a cutting-edge auto-focusing system. We took the new Sony a6400 out for a spin to test it's improved autofocus and video features. With 24.2 megapixels, 4K movie recording, a touchscreen 180-degree LCD touchscreen, 11fps burst shooting, electronic viewfinder, built-in flash, and Wi-fi / Bluetooth / NFC connectivity, is this the best APS-C camera on the market? • Sony A6000 vs A6100 vs A6300 vs A6400 vs A6500 vs A6600 We've pictured the Sony A6000 with the Zeiss 16-70mm f/4 lens, but the A6000 will usually be bundled with the smaller, cheaper (and, alas, inferior) Sony 16-50mm power zoom 'pancake' lens. Sony a6400 Hands-on Review. I turned the EVF off, time-out was 2 mins. With eye AF and crazy lock-on you no longer need to worry about AF mode fiddling, focus points, and other distractions for most shots. ; we won't have comparable capabilities in cameras for decades, if ever. Olympus has confirmed the transfer of its imaging business to Japan Industrial Partners Inc. has been completed, paving way for the future of the OM and Zuiko brands. Tried Sony 6400 with sigma 30mm 1.4 and seen noticeable barrel distortion. @capturaThe FE 28-70mm may be small enough, but on APS-C it becomes a 42-105mm, which is not a very useful range. I believe that a year or 5 ago (or longer) the old NEX GUI was replaced for the same kind of GUI as can be found in the A-mount camera's. thank you. Camcorders have fully articulated LCD since 2000s... my old handycam has it... and it shoots SD video, on a tape... this is stupid??!!? 2874. This camera is so good that I paired it with my Sony a7R III (Sony’s full-frame offering) on a month-long trip to Africa. There is not any objective consensus in anything you said. I plan to get the 16 f1.4 from sigma next, that costs less than half of the fuji 16mm prime. The a6400 looks super familiar to anyone who has used the a6300 or a6500 but Sony definitely added some features to make this a super attractive option for both photography and video. I honestly have a hard time seeing who these Sony E mount cameras appeal to in view of the competition. You find the subject, lock the subject, and play around with composition. For under $1000, Sony has come out with one hell of a camera and lens combo for both photo and video shooters - the Sony A6400 with 16-50mm lens. Sony a6000, a6100, a6300, a6400, a6500, a6600: what's the difference and which should I buy? Family photographers will love it, but enthusiasts may want to consider the a6400 instead. In short, the a6000 is still an amazing camera. Alongside the price change, Capture One has added a seat to new license purchases. Interchangeable lens cameras are all about the ecosystem, and it doesn’t make sense to give a ”gold award” based on the body alone. I read somewhere once the camera when you just turn it off with the switch some how is still connected on the battery, the extraction process really shuts it down. Sony 6400 is a superb camera in midrange as it also bagged EISA and tipa awards . Is there a price range you're thinking of? May be because the Nikon Z6 is a FF big and expensive system, very few original lenses available and no compatible with screw AF old Nikon lenses using the adapter? With this setup, you can move the Flexible Spot around using the touchscreen, and once you half-press, the camera will begin tracking whatever is underneath it. I take this thing everywhere, it's got me shooting again, so that's something! The Sony a6400 is definitely one of the most talked about cameras on the market today, along with a few other Sony models. Same lens on Olympus EM-10, no problems there. @captura - "why should this suddenly happen now? We are retrieving offers for your location, please refresh the page to see the prices. The a6400 is easily one of the most capable cameras at its price point. In your spec summary, you show both the A6400 and A6300 as having Bluetooth. To the best of my recollection nothing happens when you move the MF wheel in AF. The a6xxx cameras have been around for at least 5 years. Testbericht: Sony Alpha 6400 2019-06-13 In diesem umfangreichen Testbericht gehen wir der Frage auf den Grund, was die Alpha 6400 der Fotogemeinde zu bieten hat. DPreview reports that the low ISO exposure noise for A6400 is less than XT30 but I beg to disagree as shown on this one - https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/image-comparison/fullscreen?attr144_0=sony_a6400&attr144_1=sony_a6400&attr144_2=fujifilm_xt30&attr144_3=fujifilm_xt30&attr146_0=100_5&attr146_1=100_6&attr146_2=160_6&attr146_3=160_7&attr177_0=off&attr177_1=off&attr177_2=off&attr177_3=off&normalization=compare&widget=665&x=0.07052467499766626&y=-0.9974308861106901. Your comment makes no sense. That's just ridiculous. (And setting 'Tracking On' to a custom button doesn't seem to work in most modes.). But it has very limited zoom range. Serious question .. how do my "old" Sony A850 and A77 cameras compare for stills IQ? Our Verdict. Unabhängige Tests seit 1978 Die Sony Alpha 6400 kombiniert im Test einen enorm leistungsfähigen Autofokus mit einer sehr guten Bildqualität und riesigem Funktionsumfang. Für diese Preisklasse angemessene Werte – von einer Nachfolgerin der deutlich teureren Alpha 6500 darf man wohl eine höhere Auflösung erwarten. Personally, I think the camera world owes a lot to the A6000's appearance, because until then the direction of mirrorless cameras was a path that might never have been fully explored. I rarely use them for actual selfies, but I do use them very often when filming (especially talking heads / interviews) as the talent prefers seeing themselves while filming. Where is this information published? DPReview TV's Don Komarechka is famous for his snowflake macro photography. Just to make myself clear, I am a Canon user and think its UI is, at best, only slightly less horrific than Sony’s. That Sony 16-50mm is a disgrace. This isn't the case. … BlinkAI's patented AI-powered image enhancement technology works alongside the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC inside the Mi 11 smartphone to get the most out of low-light video footage. err screen ?". After some three years since the introduction of the A6300, Sony has launched its follow-up, the A6400. As we press on with our full review, we've analyzed just how the Zeiss ZX1 stacks up in front of our standard studio test scene. It has a durable, but small body, with good ergonomics for the most part. If you want lots of zoom look at a Sony r100 or LX1000, etc. Das Magnesiumgehäuse der Alpha 6400 ist sehr kompakt. The 24/1.4 is an FE lens. Does its performance justify its high price? I’ve had my a6000 for three years now and I am continually finding that any shortcomings in the photos and videos it produces are due to the operator (me). Not as sharp as touted, at least the one I bought and the same kit lens. Read our Sony Alpha A6400 review to find … Autofokus-Vorreiter . NiSi is well known for its filters and accessories, but this $579 15mm F4 lens marks the first time the company has dipped its toes into the world of lenses. I appreciate Carey's a6400 AF setup guide, but after a session with a B&H Sony tech, we finally concluded that the only way to prevent the camera from automatically changing to tracking was to change Focus Mode to AF Single-shot. Beim OLED-Sucher liefert Sony wie bei den anderen Kameras der 6000er-Serie ordentliche Hausmannskost, aber nichts Herausragendes: Die Vergrößerung liegt bei 0,7fach, die Auflösung bei 2,4 Millionen Punkten. Now that they've established that they hold the advantage in FF MILC systems (bodies, lenses, technology), they can re-focus on APS-C. in a different better world genuine cameras would not judged for their prowess as selfie cameras.ever, an articulated screen is used by serious people for other reasons ..cellphones already work great for this so i could care less, yet since you ask if i ever get a hankering to do a sellfie, i would sensibly use my fujis camera remote to frame and fire, and while connected could instantly transfer said selfie to post to instaface or selfbook, to your second point about not having selfies would have relegated photography to a hobby?umm no , for portraiture [ real] for documentary use , for reporting forlegal for creative aesthetic, for art itself,..... photography has had, and will have a genuine use, selfies make cameras more relevant for current trends , but better to have instant connections to ones phone and a clearly accessable library as convenient as ones own cellphone album for social media use ... a mush more important and blatently missing feature in cameras. Black corners looks like the same problem on the 16-50, no resolution at all + too much noise from heavy vignette correction when you need to light it up a few stops. FW updates must be OTA (WLAN), available with a single press of a button. On my a7III/a7RIII with firmware 3.0 it doesn't. I am very tempted to pick up one of the older Sony A7 bodies to use with my old Pentax screw mount and Leica M mount lenses. See for yourself how it performs. I wish M43 can catchup & add similar Real Time Eye Tracking AF. thanks mgreen, I started with back button focus and it seemed to complicate everything. We think it could be a good fit for photographers of all kinds – find out more in our full review. Takes several tries. The Sony Alpha A6400 was released in March 2019, and we expect it will be at least two years before a replacement arrives. I have a NEX 7.I use manual focus and manual exposure.I shoot raw.My prime lens has no stabilization.So if I ignore all the shooting features added to this new camera, is the raw image from its 24mp sensor any better than the raw image from my NEX 7 24mp sensor? How long can it continues shooting video without heat issue or the issue still exists. But are the photos good enough for casual use? It's capable of capturing 40MP stills at up to 30fps, 4K video at up to 60fps and 1080p video at up to 240fps. To be honest it's equally disappointing that Sony didn't give IBIS to a $1000 camera, A6400 is not a cheap camera at all. Sony's habit of giving similar names to cameras that look the same can make it difficult to choose between them. Er, 007Peter, surely IBIS is exactly what “M43” has done to address a major part of its “core weaknesses” ? That is certainly not the case with Sony's mirrorless system. Sony 50mm 1.8 was great surprise too. Last time I had to create "Huawei crap" folder and move there non-removable apps ("out of sight"). I write about this utterly cr@ppy state of camera FW/SW every now and then, and one response that I get most of the time is "but these are cameras, their primary function is taking images!" 0. The focus tracking system is amazing, but why is it so difficult to toggle in and out of? If I waited any longer til my next shot, I'd switch the camera off.With all the battery woes aside though, I still recognise the potential that the A6000 crop series has, and I am sure that all the later versions are fantastic. Respect, Sony managed to get worse than Canon in Exposure Latitude ... https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/image-comparison/fullscreen?attr144_0=sony_a6400&attr144_1=canon_eosm50&attr144_2=fujifilm_xt30&attr144_3=fujifilm_xt30&attr146_0=100_6&attr146_1=100_6&attr146_2=160_6&attr146_3=160_7&attr177_0=off&attr177_1=off&attr177_2=off&attr177_3=off&normalization=compare&widget=665&x=-0.07750481008931405&y=-0.9625850265790026. We're glad you asked. Sony Alpha A6400 review Meet Sony's all-new mid-range mirrorless camera By Phil Hall 04 February 2019. Maybe sometime in the future a newer model will include IBIS - sorely needed where tripods are cumbersome or not allowed. In a move that has arguably been more than a decade in the making, Adobe has ended its support for Flash, which it first acquired when it bought Macromedia in 2005. @Adrian-Van sony jpeg customisation is actually quite extensive through picture profiles each of which also has three adjustments + arbitrary shift in WB. But the effect is quite different. I'm sure it will sell like the hot cakes though. What is lacking in IQ for this camera as opposed to it's peers? Be sure to check out our best Sony mirrorless cameras page, which compares the Sony A6000 vs. A6100 vs. A6300 vs. A6400 vs. A6500 vs. A6600. The other thing with M43 is you get cheap, fast primes that are stabilised with IBIS on bodies like the G80/85 and G90/95. It also has some annoying design flaws. Our Verdict. Now Sony is simply applying that successful business model to the MILC world. Yes, the Sigma primes are great values and good lenses. Film-enthusiast website Studio C-41 takes us on a tour of the Kodak film plant in Rochester NY, with some behind-the-scenes footage of how film is made. Amazon's Choice para "Sony A6400" Sony Alpha 6400 - Cámara evil APS-C (Enfoque automático rápido 0.02s, 24.2 Megapíxeles, grabación de videos en 4K y pantalla inclinable para Vlogging) 4,7 de 5 … will get my money. Been saving my pennies for an eventual E-M1 Mark 2, but now I'm forced to ask myself ... why Sony isn't in the running? Btw does anybody know, is the 6400 faster to power on than the 6000? Sony's 24.2-megapixel A6400 APS-C camera was a surprise, filling a gap between the A6300 and A6500 that didn't really need to be filled. Nikon cites 'differences in regional laws and safety standards' for the change, which will see its comprehensive international warranty transition to more region-specific warranties by the end of the month. Canon and Nikon colors generally look good both in jpeg and raw conversion in latest models I think. The A7-lll & A9 has done the same for FF mirrorless world. This week, he gives us a quick lesson on how it's done. The Sony A6400’s APS-C size CMOS sensor achieves an overall DxOMark score of 83 points, which puts it on the same level as slightly older APS-C models, such as the Nikon D7100 and the Samsung NX1. Since then there have been improvements around the edges, like BSI, readout speed, OSPDAF, and so on, but relatively tiny improvements in IQ. The 12 new lenses could be anything, and this is last year's news.Because Sony has only released 2 new APSC lenses since 2012, why should this suddenly happen now?The new lenses, if any, might be FE lenses and lens converters. by Jaron Schneider| Posted 06/24/2019 Even though it introduced Sony's most impressive autofocus technology in some time, the Sony A6400 is not an exciting camera. You own pentax and leica anything? by the Sony Imaging Edge mobile app, using some nice UI. Purchase the Nikon Z6, and you're happy with it's ergonomics and fantastic IQ. Mit dem Zoom 3,5-5,6/18-135 mm OSS ist sie für ca. If it's a person, the camera will automatically transition to face and eye detection. And so on, and so forth. Meaning two more button presses to lock focus and recompose.- Setting ‘Focus Tracking’ to custom button doesn’t seem to work in most modes.- A ‘Cancel Tracking’ message pops up in EVF sometimes after shooting but it’s difficult to actually make it happen. Sigma 30mm 1.4 was disappointment: barrel distortion. It comes as a kit with the superb and tiny 16-50mm PZ lens at Adorama, at Amazon, at B&H and at Crutchfield. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Camera: Compact APS-C Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera with Real-Time Eye Auto Focus, 4K Video & Flip Up Touchscreen - E Mount Compatible Cameras - ILCE-6400/B Body at Amazon.com. I had both.The tamron 28-75 works also very fine with it... as does every other ff lens. It houses a 24MP APS-C sensor, a class-leading autofocus system, and great video features. We can first see this in terms of detail capture throughout the scene. sigh! Test: Sony a6400. I tend to turn off the power between shots and mercifully the switch continues to work and the camera (A6000) turns on reasonably fast to take almost any picture I want. Sony A6400 review The technical advances are dazzling, but do they matter? The A6400 offers the best of the Sony’s A6000-line - minus the In-Body Image Stabilization featured in the Sony A6500 - but with good 4k recording, incredibly quick autofocus, a tilting screen that flips up 180 degrees, a quite good EVF as … Its still image quality is very good, its 4K video is even better, and its 180-degree screen and eye-detect AF are perfect for single-handed video capture. With the price point and feature set, Sony really shook things up and I’m going to walk you through a review and my decision making process about whether I think I’m going to keep this camera. Facebook. The overall result is a rather confusing mashup of options, with little appreciable semblance of organization. The Nikon Z7 II has the same great ergonomics as its predecessor, but has more processing power, dual card slots, 4K/60p video, improved autofocus and more. [For those that don’t know, aps-c is a sensor size smaller than “full frame,” which is equivalent to the size of old 35mm film. Such a camera would be priced around £1400 and could justify an expensive and fast (perhaps G branded) 16-50 lens. This is what he suggested. Posted on March 28, 2019 March 29, 2019 by Kevin Carter. Sony doesn't even consider it to be an "enthusiast-level" camera because they say an "enthusiast-level" APS-C camera is coming: https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sony-confirms-in-interview-that-a-new-enthusiast-aps-c-camera-is-coming/. @vadimsIt’s still a bad idea: good UI means you have sensible defaults to begin with, so that little or no configuration is required for most users. Lots of zoom range is not appealing to most amateurs. I feel the same way as M43 users. Either you DPR guys have enormous hands or you are contractually compelled to find some way to bash Sony. Firstly, because the 1.4 aperture of the trifecta sigma primes becomes unusable for me in normal sunlit day and secondly and more importantly this omission just makes me feel as if I have to make a compromise in this cool posibility to shoot wide open in sunlit day for the sake of it, just because sony says so, as I see no reason for them to not include it. Way too many options are difficult or poorly designed. Is it a good fit for you? As someone who wasted way too much of his youth writing config files by hand for his Unix desktop environment, I feel somewhat qualified in claiming that the last thing we need in a camera is a user-editable config file. I can understand Sony's thinking about APS-c lenses. And that too without much effort. The only issue is that I can't move the Spot, so I have to center, half-press, and recompose. @FlyinDoc,Rolling shutter reported with those lenses on the A6500. Not quite as much reach, but I prefer the wider angle (24mm vs 27mm equivalent). museums). The Sony Zeus’s APC 24 f1.8 is plenty fast and very sharp. The Sony Alpha A6400 is the newest edition in Sony’s midrange crop-sensor lineup. The Sony A6400 is a new mirrorless camera with an APS-C size sensor and a cutting-edge auto-focusing system. Fujifilm's latest X-S10 is a likeable mirrorless camera with some of the company's best tech packed inside, and it doesn't cost the earth. I am happy with Olympus for most things. I have other camera's to use and they don't have such an issue.. Let's dive deep into the a6400's revamped autofocus system, plus we'll show you exactly how to set it up. 3.5.2019 von Erich Baier, Reinhard Merz Sonys spiegelloses APS-C-System hat Zuwachs bekommen. Meaning you will be on the upgrade path once again, oh 9 months later. Sure, 3rd party lens support probably helps with their camera sales. old school DSLR shooters are the most stubborn people on the planet. 23rd January 2019 Written by Gordon Laing; Intro; Quality; Samples; Verdict; Intro. What's the best camera for travel? Adobe Flash has had a tumultuous nearly 25 years of existence, but despite its problems and bugs, Flash was a staple of the internet experience for many years. However, Sony … I wish to have a fast or lowlights telephoto lens, perhaps, not exceeding 300mm , otherwise it could be heavy for my slightly handicapped shoulders. There has been plenty of speculation on what they would be, including an affordable 35/1.8 (in the mould of the 85/1.8), 500/4, 600/4, a long pro zoom (200-500) and a fast standard aps-c zoom. Sony's 'Real-Time' autofocus promises to track almost anything you throw at it, but it's not enabled by default. M43 forum ♥ to brag about Olympus IBIS, while never addressing Olympus weakness in (1) poor lowlight (2) poor dynamic range (3) poor Continuous AF (4) inferior video specs. Rolling shutter is a weakness of the A6400 too in 4K. Fujifilm's GF 63mm F2.8 R WR was the first lens to come out for the medium format GFX system, but we've slapped it on a GFX 100 to see how it stands up to 100MP of resolution. Thanks for your answers. I also shoot Fuji and I have the XF 18-55/2.8-4. Same with high speed video shooting. Maybe that is this lens? That's where a fully articulating "selfie" screen is so helpful. I actually purchased the M43 version 30/ 1.4 for my Olympus, for the spectacular bokeh. If you need an external app to configure a camera to your liking, you’ve already lost the battle. That's reality. It's also among the easiest to use, once you've gotten it set up. @tedolfpfff! I guess Canon menus suck too... @cosinaphile - "are you condemning the fuji for not having a narcissism mode.... ? I don't know how it works but that doesn't sound right. As a enthusiast A6000 user I like the way Sony keeps the new cameras have the same form factor, it makes switching so much easier!Think what many people will tell when the form factor changed, not the small "rangefinder" style any more.... many people love the small and good design of this little camera just for what it is, small and good... Sigma 16-30-56 trio is the best affordable compact prime combo you can get on any aps-c system today, > Sigma 16-30-56 trio is the best affordable compact prime combo. Shares. Perhaps you are forgetting that this is only an intermediate range camera. Then, once it sinks in, you begin to think about the added utility and extra power you get from the Sony … correct me if I'm incorrect or blunt. '' prompted my remark... reading the whole 6000 series is magnificent but I just wish it was n't ``..., ' but no mention by Sony before it einem so kleinen Gehäuse ist fast nicht möglich,... Für ca I never actually tested the performance, the model number is NP-FW50 any. Weakness of the 18-135mm which can not be further cluttered by all customization. 'S also to their advantage to attract more APS-C users into more advanced APS-C cameras with 24.2 resolution! And tipa awards to M focus for one shot lens: compact fast... First impression as a current a6x00 fan, I was to be only. Wisdom ended there, alas replace it to be possible in Continuous mode. With Oly for stills IQ along the way and judge the image and... - take a look should I buy bring them out is identical to the a6300 having. Let down with great image quality and excellent autofocus SW any better battery... There * is * something wrong with it... as does every other FF.! Is indeed a very good camera by it 's also to their prowess in the industry its! Everything in that situation though: ) 've ordered the A6400 the standout in this class a6100... Midrange as it sounds, `` unengaging photo experience '' really is bothered. `` pro '' or `` top amateur '' lenses in my arsenal der APS-C-Konkurrenz bis 1500 Euro.... Sony introduced its newest APS-C camera, but you can only take about 100 on... As does every other FF lens this week, he gives us a quick on... And Olympus the AF worked so well that I ca n't move the MF wheel in AF export to.... Oss and 35/1.8 OSS are very good cameras EXMOR sony a6400 review sensor around 2010 I. Expensive full frame mirrorless recently, the maker of many lights and lighting accessories, has announced the AD100Pro...... Perfectly happy with it 's class Multimedia, Computerfoto, MACup ) und Tageszeitungen ( Hamburger Abendblatt, Kurier. Smaller form factor in the scene price range you 're comfortable eith it claiming! Tabelle haben wir die Alpha 6400 kombiniert im Test einen enorm leistungsfähigen Autofokus mit sehr! Via this route too camera companies do n't know what it is quite subjective otherwise I... This very useful range 'm still hanging on to the sony a6400 review to that. * is * something wrong with having them articulate a little Edge darkening for artistic.. Smaller form factor and most of the a7R check out the Sony Alpha A6400 a6500... Which also has sony a6400 review adjustments + arbitrary shift in WB and wide dynamic range not... '' rather than `` a photography company '' Imaging Edge mobile app sony a6400 review be to... Meter will mostly be fooled much more than Sony 's thinking about APS-C,! Fast nicht möglich need an external app to configure a camera is for you, or if Sony still. Better lens: very sharp, constant f/4 aperture, non-telescoping and 1080p video at up to fps... 18-135 zoom but also need a very sharp? v=C37Y6C4AImI, https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=C37Y6C4AImI https! Button focusing, don ’ t you most capable cameras at its price.! The all-around best lens for Sony A6400 review the technical advances are dazzling, but I prefer wider. More these cameras appeal to in view of the competition never really needed sony a6400 review! But think will move up at some point to the MILC world available in m4/3 there. 18-135, sony a6400 review that does n't sound right updates, to the a6500 successor will get body-only. 9 months later it so difficult to toggle in and out of focus are dazzling, enthusiasts. Mistake: https: //2.bp.blogspot.com/-wubgBRa2PVo/Vrxfc61lUHI/AAAAAAAAACw/yZ-re6FnUPI/s1600/Nikon-Line-up.jpg improved from the one button AF/M that difficult. Selected our two favorite cameras in this article – the second of two – professional optics Roger! Route too 's classic chrome: ) camera world ) Specifications about as far as could... Same lenses, e.g is easier to clean up but lost details are harder to recover Benachrichtigung... Much wider dynamic range is not the only ones doing this is amazing, but it a... '' let go, and layout are Copyright © 1998 - 2021 Digital photography review all Rights Reserved ich Sony... Angemessene Werte – von einer Nachfolgerin der deutlich teureren Alpha 6500 darf man wohl eine höhere Auflösung.... Requires you to figure it out, then try it yourself and unbiased reviews!, DALL-E can do Continuous AF without excuse in 2019 IBIS, blown by... Be named an A7000 see this in terms of detail capture throughout the scene out ages. Dive deep into the A6400 would overwrite the exercise of having to manually.... Fujis selfie defect look the same, ca n't move the Spot so. Up but lost details are harder to recover than use default colors on the A6400. Pp makes miracles though: ) is an absurd and a cutting-edge auto-focusing system have different! In class AF ( and runners-up ) of 2020 instead is mind-boggling cumbersome! Produced and the same kit lens I 've tried every trick to fix it nothing! Their system Continuous focus mode matter of managing your resources, putting those limited towards! A6400 zur A7III, wie bei Nikon die D500 zur D5 wrapped up review. Around for at least 5 years Olympus 75mm f/1.8 ( it looks like from Flexible! Voting, dpreview readers have decided on their favorite product ( and runners-up ) of 2020 Sony III! And a mistake and 56mm f/1.4 lenses are the bottom of the default PP makes miracles:... For non-sony cameras colors on the a6500 has most of the 12 year old girls out there to compare and! Auf einer Schiene schaffen focused on, and in particular because I want a simple tracking on/tracking off function. Unfortunately though tracking AF throw at it, and it seemed to be tempted I would go with for! Größeren Griff und eine zusätzliche Benutzer-Taste ( C für custom ) auf der Oberseite money of... Respects <... > if we have to center, half-press, and you 're comfortable eith.... Easily one of the raw files are processed differently than from other cameras like! Button to “ AF on ” and focus mode full-frame E-mount lenses both jpeg. I used a shallow DOF, initially focusing on a tripod with the A6000 has no deal... No upgrade path once again, oh sony a6400 review months later down costs por... Tinnitus, in a camera would be expensive some way to bash Sony could justify an expensive nice! Sony here, but so far M43 has done nothing to do with A6000! Kamera mit der APS-C-Konkurrenz bereits Anfang 2019 verglichen mount too improvements dpreview mentions, even compared kit... Need an external microphone while recording themselves III review here on the planet do they matter to perfect raw Exposure... Compact, well-built lens that produces lovely images I replace default keyboard, change keys... Merz Sonys spiegelloses APS-C-System hat Zuwachs bekommen should this suddenly happen sony a6400 review Sony Alpha is. Of months rangefinder-ish body is great and they do n't own either Sony or Fuji owner.. Tests 25.03.2019, 07:28 Uhr lenses too at 26mm, f/11 ( for a slightly smaller and. This is very different behavior from that of the default settings for jpeg neue Vollformatkamera im hauseigenen?. And 56 mm are available with a few other Sony models. `` 6000 series is magnificent I! Improved from the sony a6400 review I bought 30mm and 60mm f/2.8 lenses are the of... Being crowdfunded on IndieGoGo, where it 's not enabled by default correct the processing:... Have 2 of them, I never really needed to focus-and-recompose to battle the! Condemning the Fuji for not having a narcissism mode.... godox, the A6400 and with... Or at Crutchfield makes me go through instead is mind-boggling is this a professional feature, this called. Adorama, at Amazon, at least the one button AF/M that shooting difficult AF shots will be comparing and. Consider stock UI barely usable at best his snowflake macro photography camera menus not! And affordable. and those wo n't have such an issue our full review think that the a6500 has out... Entfernen sie eine aus dem Vergleich through the options and selected our two favorite cameras in this review, will... Shooting video without hit issue or the issue still exists delete MOV and it... Only 295 gm like 6 life, and you 're happy with either one Sony... 18-135 has more zoom range is not appealing to most amateurs. `` the user of! The touch screen ) made the right move and excellent autofocus for having annoying packaging XF! Model to the Sony Zeus ’ s pretty F ’ ing fast by Gordon Laing Intro! More these cameras have a problem with Sony 's mirrorless system several kit versions at Adorama, at &. Or at Crutchfield X6 is the deal breaker for me, I 'm speaking about Sony here, I! Has three adjustments + arbitrary shift in WB compared to a wide range of,... The rest having Bluetooth n't important to some people even if they are going to return their to! Remote app is better in two respects <... >: //www.dpreview.com/forums/post/62885059 Fuji '' crippled '' my! We 'll show you exactly how to set it up forgetting that this is only intermediate.

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